Year 5 Virtual Open Day

Welcome to the Year 5 Virtual Tour of Brixham College

These extraordinary times call for a change in the way that traditionally our  transition is done. This page is designed to provide you with all of the information that will help you and your child make an informed decision as to which Secondary School is right for you and start to enable a smooth transition to Brixham College for the 2021/22 academic year.


The transition from primary to secondary school is important in the lives of children and their families. We take this responsibility very seriously and even with schools being closed at the moment, we aim to have a very positive and proactive transition process that ensures all new members of our College experience the best possible start.




Please now watch an introduction video from Mr Whittington – Head of Year 7 and transition leader…



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Mr Whittington:

A Presentation from Mr Eager - Principal of Brixham College

Brixham College is the Secondary School of choice for a large number of students across Torbay and beyond – our examination results demonstrate a genuine commitment to academic excellence and our burgeoning Sixth form has allowed us to create an 11-18 teaching environment which creates a distinctive “Brixham Student”. However, our ethos drives us to want more, be different, create fully rounded students of whom we are proud to send out into the world, be that to Higher Education, Apprentiships or into employment. We are proud of all of our students, every single day – and we tell them so, with a smile on our faces…



Please watch the main presentation from Mr Eager before you go off and explore the rest of the page…



A virtual tour of Brixham College meeting people along the way and some lessons to enjoy!

Please enjoy a tour around Brixham College meeting some staff along the way and drop in for a few lessons!


And now for a brief interlude…


Part two of the tour…

Meet the SEND team!
SEND at Brixham College

Brixham College has an experienced SEND team, that has had proven success in supporting students with a range of SEND needs. Whether a student joins Brixham College with a historic or ongoing SEND need or need only surfaces once the student has started with us, we work with both the student and parents to tailor the support package to the student. In order to identify where potential support my be required, at the start of Y7, students undertake the CATs (Cognitive Ability Test) as this gives a clear insight into where a student’s strengths lie, as well as where they may have deficits or weaknesses in an area that can then be address from Term 1 of Y7.  For Year 7’s and/or Mid-Year transitions that come to us with a historic SEND issue it is address through the transition process of the student starting with us. Here at Brixham College we provide support that is tailored and monitored through the national 5 key SEND areas. These include:

  • Cognition and Learning. E.g. Accessing the curriculum, learning difficulties in specific areas, targeted intervention & support for deficits in literacy, numeracy and learning skills) 
  • Communication & Interaction E.g. Speech, language and social communication, interaction needs, support in either or both areas.
  • Social, Emotional Mental Health E.g. Coping strategies, building resiliencebehaviours commonly association with deficits in socialising, and establishing peers friendships and positive relationships, pre diagnosed or post diagnosed mental health needs and support.
  • Sensory & Physical SupportE.g. Specific vision and hearing support, Disability as well as sensory reduction strategies and support.
  • Medical and Disability Support. E.g. (Assistance and learning strategies to overcome barriers to learning & specialist equipment accesses and use. Long term / Chronic medical needs. *See Brixham College’s Accessibility Plan/Policy in addition.

In addition, the college not only supports a host of SEMH needs, but also supports an Enhanced Provision for those students in receipt of an EHCP and have diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. *For places and access to the Autism Provision, please see the Brixham College Local Offer – ASC Enhanced Provision.


Meet the Team

Each student that is deemed as requiring support in any of these areas, will be added to the college’s SEND Register. This allows staff to identify from day one, where these student/s will need additional help and support within their classes, as well as through home learning tasks and other elements of a college day. 


For some students, this may also result in them being identified as requiring targeted support/intervention through the number of specific intervention groups e.g. literacy, reading comprehension, numeracy support etc.

Should a student be identified as requiring additional support within the classroom setting, the teacher is the first port of call, and is responsible for making sure that their lessons are both engaging as well as the work being tailored/differentiated to that individuals need. Should a teacher feel additional support is required a SEND referral is then logged with the college SENDCo, who will review the students and make further recommendations. If a Teaching Assistant is already in support of a designated student within the group/s, our TA’s will be alerted to other students that may need assistance through the SENDCo or by the class teacher themselves on a lesson by lesson basis. At secondary level, we use Teaching Assistants in a highly directed way, and are linked to students that are already in receipt of an EHCP, very different to a primary school approach. However our TA’s will offer assistance if re-directed by the teacher, or if they too, can see a student struggling and will also log this for further review going forward. 

As  a student is assessed and reviewed for support via staff and parental requests. The students, once having gained support, will also be monitored via the SENDCo. Then through discussion with the student and parents an individual SEND Support Plan is then generated / reviewed, altered (where needed). This is to ensure that Brixham College staff can recognise quickly, the type of support that has been instigated, as well as the needs the student has, students are identified on the SEND Register.


Students are either noted as having an EHCP, or SEND Support (Additional Need) or SEND Awareness. This allows all staff at Brixham College to understand the level and type of support a student may have to support their learning.   Students that are currently being assessed for an EHCP are identified, as well as those students where a Request for Statutory Assessment (RSA) has been filed are also clearly identified.

Out of the mouths of our students...

Meet some of our students


Summer School
Part of the Brixham College legend is the world renowned Summer School. It is open to all Year 6 students a couple of weeks before joining us.
Summer School is designed to give our new September Year 7’s, an insight into life at Brixham College, the values we hold and strive for, as well as supporting the students to start their secondary education journey with us, being the best they can be.
The Summer School is all about developing character, leadership and how to develop and build new relationships with peers, as well as giving our new Year 7’s the skills needed to make that important and positive start with us.
Each of the five summer school days, are based on a college value, High Expectations, Knowledge, Character, Leadership and Continuous Improvement. During these days, students will begin to develop, both their understanding of what this means to them as an individual, as well as for the Brixham College community.
All activities are design to give students access to new experiences, as well as introduce them to enrichment opportunities that the college offers. Our House system is also an integral part of the college, and so a summer school house challenge is launched at the start of the week with many key activities during each day, adding to the house challenge accumulator.
Just for Fun!

Here are some light-hearted videos as we whizz around the College.





How many lessons do we have a day?

We have five lessons a day at Brixham College, plus a tutor period.

What are the four houses and how do we know who is in which house?

The four houses are, Venture (Red), Phoenix (Green), Pioneer (Yellow), Inspire (Blue). They are named after old local trawlers. Pupils can be identified by a faint pinstripe in the school tie.

What time does school start and finish?

There is a warning bell at 8:35 am and lesson five finishes at 3 pm. However, we also have a popular breakfast club (open from 8:10 am) and many after-school clubs/teams.

Where do I go on my first day?

On your first day make your way to the Main Hall. Please do not worry, there will be Year 7 students to show you where to go and on the first morning.

Where can I eat my lunch?

There are number places you are allowed to eat your lunch. You are allowed in the dining hall, the picnic benches which are around the school and also on the field.

Do I have to wear my blazer at all times?

Blazers must be worn outside of the classroom. However, inside the classroom you may ask the teacher to take your blazer off.

Do I get a homework diary?

We don’t have a homework diary at Brixham College. We use an online system called class charts. Class charts will tell you your homework and when it is due in. You can also use class charts to check your merits total. Don’t worry – we will show you how to use it!

Where can I go at break time?

As a Year Seven student, you are allowed to go anywhere inside the red lines which you will find around the outside of the College at break times. For the first four weeks, you will have sole use of the LRC and also the arena by the English block.

What if I get lost?

Please do not worry,  you can ask anyone around the College if you are unsure where to go. All staff and students will help you.

If you have any more questions then please complete the contact form below and we will answer them!