Careers 9-10

Year 9 to 10 Road to Success

STEM Careers.

Option Evening.

Learning habits.

First Careers Meeting.

Ensure you are E-Safe.

Raise money for charity.

Volunteer to help others.

Careers Local Skills show.

Rights and responsibilities.

Encounter with an employer.

Leave a positive digital footprint.

How to revise and prepare for tests.

How will Values be important this year.

How to make a difference in your local community.

Find out about the co-curricular activities, join clubs.

Find out more about A-Level, Technical, Vocational and

Apprenticeship qualifications.

Well being – Showing respect.

Finance – How to manage money.

Ensure attendance is above 95%.

Duke of Edinburgh Options.

Research GCSE Pathways.

Volunteer to help others.

End of Year assessments.

Represent your House.

Reflect on progress.

Be an entrepeneur.

Know my strengths.

Option Choices.

Collect Merits.