Careers 7-8

Year 7 to 8 Road to Success


Collect Merits.

Celebrate Diversity.

Engage in well being.

Represent your House.

Ensure you are E-Safe.

Read 25 books a year.

Raise money for charity.

End of Year assessments.

Develop a Growth mindset.

Understand the College values.

How to revise and prepare for tests.

Understand your strengths and areas of development.

Find out about the co-curricular activities, join clubs.

‘Kidzania’ – What do you want to be in the future?

Find out about STEM activities and Careers.

Embark on your journey to gain the Edge.

How to use your knowledge organiser.

Ensure attendance is above 95%.

Embed good habits for learning.

Become an Accelerated Reader.

Develop a love of learning.

Volunteer to help others.

Reflect on progress.


Attend Induction Days.

Apply to Brixham College.

Complete Transition Activities.