Careers 10-11

Year 10 to 11 Road to Success

Celebrate Diversity.

Represent your House.

Ensure you are E-Safe.

Raise money for charity.

Second Careers Meeting.

Meeting with an employer.

Embed good habits for learning.

Learning habits for GCSE success.

Option – National Skills Show (NEC).

Preparing for ‘The World of Work Experience’.

Option – National Apprenticeship Show (Exeter).

Well being – ‘My life and Mental Health’.

Reflect on your journey to gain the Edge.

GCSEs and beyond – Future Pathways.

How to use your Knowledge organiser.

Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Ensure attendance is above 95%.

Leadership within the Community.

STEM – Career Pathways.

Volunteer to help others.

End of Year assessments.

Taking responsibility.

Reflect on progress.

Apply for prefect.

Power and Politics.

Prepare your CV.

Collect Merits.