Beat Bullying


Brixham College students and staff are working and campaigning to make bullying unacceptable within our school. We believe that no one should endure the pain, fear or isolation of being bullied, and that everyone has the right to be safe from bullying, violence and harassment. We want to stops bullying and keep young people safe. You can use this app or the slip box in the LRC to book a mentor in advance. Sometimes we won’t have the all the answers, but we’ll help you over this dilemma as best as we can, and to the best of our abilities! Bullying may be in our name however we do basic mentoring as well. This could be to do with family, friends or general/major life problems. We are here to help so please do not be afraid to ask for it.


I -Introduce: the mentor will introduce themselves to you

T -Time: your mentor will explain that you have a certain amount of time to talk to your mentor

C -Confidentiality: anything said between you and the mentor will remain confidential unless the information stated could hurt you or anyone else

H -Happy: finally the mentor will ask if you are happy to carry on with the mentoring session.

Further Info

Our goal is help you with what you are facing. However sometimes we as mentors may not always have the answer. So, there are some other people you can go to:

Mentors: These people are our basic level of supporters. They should be able to provide a good service and help you with what you need.


Prefects/Head Mentors: These people are a higher tier of mentors and have more training than our normal mentors. If you believe you are not receiving the required care and help, you can request a Head Mentor and they will hopefully help you further.


Admins: if you are having trouble with the website or you are having trouble requesting a mentor, the admins are here to help you with online troubles.


Founders: these people may be involved in delegation of roles and if you are having trouble with any other members of the program please feel free to report to the founders.


Teachers: if you are finding that your problem persisting or you still do not feel you are receiving the right help, the final step is to talk to a teacher and hopefully you are no longer in a situation of doubt.



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