Year 6 Transition


With the current situation surrounding the uncertainty in return dates for students due to the Global Pandemic, the Year 6 transition to Brixham College is going to be different this year. This page is going to be updated very soon to reflect these changes. Thank you for your patience.


Welcome to our New Year 7 students starting in September 2020

The transition from primary to secondary school is important in the lives of children and their families. We take this responsibility very seriously and aim to have a very positive and proactive transition process that ensures all new members of our College experience the best possible start.

The current strategies employed by the academy to help support your child’s transition include:

  • the sharing of information between schools
  • visits to schools by prospective teachers, students and their parents
  • talks at the feeder primary schools
  • taster days
  • other joint social events between feeder primary schools.
  • sporting events organised by our SSCo for the feeder primary schools.

Our school values are understood and shared by every member of the school community. We believe in:

We strive to ensure all  children settle in easily and their transition from primary to secondary school is successful. This includes helping our new students  to get to know their way around the school, relaxing rules around time in the  canteen in the early weeks, procedures to help students adapt, visits to schools, induction and taster days, and booklets. All these initiatives help our young people to start their time at the College in Year 7 on the best possible footing to future successes.

Other opportunities for personal development in Year 7 are listed below:

– Student receptionist
– Student council
– House Charity
– Numerous extra-curricular clubs

 Views from our new Year 7 students about their start at Brixham:

“I expected it to be really scary but a lot of the students are really supportive”
“My first day was my favourite of them all because I made a friend straight away”
“I thought that I would get lost and never be able to find my way round but my opinion has changed”
“I was surprised because I didn’t think the teachers or classes would be as good or as nice as they are”
“I find this school helpful, fun and understanding. I can understand most things because of the way they are explained.”
“I really look forward to going to school in the morning”


Pride in the Progress of everything that we do .




If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Year 7 and Transition Leader Mr Whittington.


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