Ogden Trust @brixhamcollege

Ogden Trust @brixhamcollege

Safe Physics!


On Tuesday 5th February, Brixham College hosted 64 students from four secondary schools from across south Devon to participate in a safe cracking challenge.  Devonport high school for girls, Ivybridge Community College and Kingsbridge Community College all brought students ranging from  13-16 years old to join our own students to solve puzzles, quizzes and challenges that revealed the secret location and code for a safe hidden somewhere within the school.


The event was part of the South Devon Ogden Partnership that has been successfully running for the past five years.  The Ogden Trust is a charity that funds and supports Physics in Education and encourages students to opt for Physics based subjects in their post 16 education.  The south Devon Partnership was originally funded for three years but has been hugely successful so funding has been increased for a further two years.


When students arrived they had to use their GCSE knowledge to solve six Physics calculations, the answers to this were used later in a code cypher to reveal the safe’s location.  Six practical activities linked to the GCSE Physics Required Practical were then completed by the students, each activity revealed a digit in the code.  The first place team found and opened the safe in just seventy minutes! Second place was three minutes later and forth was just one minute after that.  Each team of five had students from two different schools working together and lots of new friendships were made.


By the end of the event all teams had completed the challenge, chocolate prizes had been awarded and hotdogs and mini-rolls had been consumed!  All students from each school had a great time and went away with some new Physics practical skills that will help them to be successful in their GCSE exams.  We are now looking forward to the next event at Ivybridge Community college in March, it has a pyrotechnic theme!