House System

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On entry to the College, every student is allocated to one of four Houses. Each House comprises of students from all year groups across the College. Students remain in the same House for the duration of their school career. Houses are used as the basis for sporting and other competitions. They meet once a term for assemblies, and students work together to raise money for their House charities.


Gathering in House communities breaks down barriers between students of different ages and creates a sense of togetherness, identity and belonging. It encourages older students to get to know, support and mentor younger ones. At the same time, younger students have role models to develop in maturity.


Our Houses are named after historic Brixham trawlers.


INSPIRE is led by Mr Townsend

The House was named after the ketch ‘Inspire’ which was built in Brixham in 1924. She sailed under the boat number BM 13. “Unlucky for some, but not for us!” says Mr Townsend Nor was it unlucky for the trawler, which is still sailing in Australia.

House Charity – The Alzheimer’s Society.

” I chose this charity as a result of the condition that my dad found himself in the latter years of his life. My dad was one of my heros, maths teacher for 30 years and submarine engine fitter for 10 years before that. It is a cruel disease that robs you of your thoughts and memories. My family are very grateful for the support that The Alzheimer’s Society have given to us and hope that the research they carry out will stop others having to go through what dad did in the last few years of his life”

PHOENIX is led by Mr Burden

The name ‘Phoenix’ was taken from an old fishing trawler that was built in 1820 and spent over 50 years fishing in Brixham waters before she was lost at sea in 1876 off Berry Head.


House Charity – Torbay Lifeboat

“As an active crew member on the Torbay Lifeboat I’m so grateful that Phoenix House have chosen to support the boat and crew with this fundraising efforts over the past few years.  Everything associated with the lifeboat – training and equipping the crew, the building and running of the boat is all achieved through fundraising, as the RNLI receives no money whatsoever from Government funds to support this.  If you look at a simple rescue of a trawler broken down at sea 20 miles out, that rescue alone can cost almost £2000 plus with fuel and running costs.

I have been with the crew now for 10 years and I am still thrilled to be a member of a team that gives so much back to our community.  The link with the school and boat is amazing with nine ex-students now serving as crew members and James Hoare most recently qualifying.  There is nothing better than serving with these people and the teacher student role being reversed as they help me in training and rescues – it makes you so proud.  Whatever the incident, weather or sea condition being part of a team of normal people willing to go the extra mile to help is one of my proudest achievement in my lifetime. ” Mr Burden.

PIONEER is led by Mrs Aston

‘Pioneer’ was a smack fishing vessel, built in Brixham in 1877 and sailing out of Dartmouth for 20 years. After she foundered off Turnchapel, she was towed back to Brixham for breaking in 1897.

House Charity – Guide dogs for the blind

Pioneer House, understands what a great job many individuals and charity’s do, that we may come in contact over our life time to help us and help those around us. For Pioneer House however, we champion the charity that understands the magic that can happen when you put people and animals together to make a significant change. Having a therapy dog already at Brixham College, gives us a clear insight into what dogs can do at this level in students life’s, let alone the amazing ability a guide dog is able to undertake and give back to a person whose blindness has limited their lives, until the point of gaining these amazing practical and loving companions. There are currently 8,000 guide dogs providing these life-changing services to their owners. But with 360,000 people who are registered blind or partially sighted, who would benefit from having a dog in their lives both for the practical support as well as the social and emotional support, every penny that this charity raises is needed. Please help us raise as much money as possible, so we can sponsor another puppy through the vital training that they need to help someone else.


Venture is led by Miss Bridgeman

The name Venture derives from a Brixham trawler sold to to Belgium in 1914.

Venture is all about opening up new worlds and exploring new opportunities and experiences.


House Charity: The British Heart Foundation

Miss Bridgeman says… “The British Heart Foundation Charity is very close to my heart. My father was one of the first coronary bypass patients at the age of 38 in 1980. He went on to have another 4 bypasses and stent operations. This would not have been possible without the research done and supported by the BHF.  My mother too has been diagnosed with heart failure losing 50% of her hearts function. With new medication and advice supported by the BHF my mother has been able to improve her heart health. We all have hearts and many of us will need to have some medical care to keep our hearts healthy. Continued research and funding is vital to keep improving  the medical care on offer and saving more and more lives. “