College Bus

The College subsidises a bus to enable students to have access to affordable transport. The timetable for pickup in the mornings are shown below.


For further information please view the documents available below.

College Bus Timetable and prices

Download College Bus Agreement Form

College Bus Policy

College Bus Letter


Brixham College Yellow Bus

Manor Corner (Opposite Sainsbury’s)7.40 am
Cecil Road7.45 am
Marldon Road (Bottom)7.47 am
Marldon Road (Top)7.49 am
Foxhole Co-op7.55 am
Foxhole Bottom (Nr Two Acre Close)7.57 am
Waterleat Road (Spar)8.00 am
Opposite Gurneys8.02 am
Big Tree8.05 am

Brixham College Green Bus

White Rock Post Office8.05 am
Gibson Road8.06 am
Cherrybrook8.09 am

Brixham College Red Bus

Penwill Way (Bottom)7.50 am
Penwill Way (Top)7.53 am
KFC7.56 am
Roselands Drive7.57 am
Roselands Drive (Nr Haytor Ave.)7.58 am
Roselands Drive (Nr Lancaster Drive)8.00 am
Roselands Drive (Nr Grange View)8.03 am
Churston Library8.10 am
Churston Bridge8.12 am

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