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Brixham College Pupil Premium Funding 2019/20



Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2019 – 2020


Brixham College recognises that all students, regardless of their background, should have equal access to a curriculum which will enable them to reach their potential. Pupil Premium is a government initiative where additional funding is given to schools to enable them to:

  • support students who are either entitled to Free School Meals, are Looked After or who are children of armed services personnel, in an attempt to ensure that their progress is maximised and the attainment gap between them and their peers is closed.

Our priority is to ensure that all disadvantaged students, including those who are performing well and other groups of students in need of support, are supported and challenged by adopting a personalised approach to ensure that their progress and attainment is maximised. We therefore use regular tracking of where the money is spent, evaluating the effectiveness and the impact, enabling plans to evolve or be amended if they are not having the intended impact.

The Department of Education has emphasised that ‘the government is quite serious in its ambition not to micromanage schools’. Schools should be the decision makers, using evidence to inform professional judgements. They have no particular view on using Pupil Premium on whole College initiatives, as long as the progress and attainment gap is closing between the highest and lowest achieving students, within the context of generally improving attainment.

Ofsted also agree that schools should have the autonomy to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent and confirm that there are no specific evaluations or judgements to be made. The Department of Education and Ofsted unanimously agree that Pupil Premium funding can be spent ‘where school leaders feel it is most needed’, as long as every effort is taken to ensure that all students, regardless of their background or ability, are given the opportunity to excel academically.



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