Pride in Progress

The Pride in Progress initiative’s aim is to create a College where students can take pride in their individual progress, pride in the progress of others and pride in the progress of our community. It has arisen from the work we have done over this past academic year on re-shaping our values.


At the heart of ‘Pride in Progress’ is a drive to improve the quality of learning for all our students and to ensure that your child is able to achieve excellent progress here at Brixham College.


Ofsted in 2014 stated, “Students’ behaviour is good. They are polite and conduct themselves well both in and out of lessons.” and again in 2017 Ofsted found “Pupils treat each other well and are calm and mature as they move around the school site.”


However, we cannot be complacent; many of our students identify that poor behaviour is rare but does disrupt student learning if it happens. Here at Brixham College we are clear that we will not allow the behaviour of a minority of students to have a detrimental impact on the quality of learning for others.


Therefore, an important aspect of the ‘Pride in Progress’ initiative relates to our Behaviour Policy and a new approach to rewards and sanctions.


‘Pride in Progress’ is neither draconian nor rigid. The organised and widespread use of praise and rewards will ensure the College is a positive environment for all. Teachers must look to recognise, praise and reward all students as a matter of agreed policy. Non-teaching staff will also be expected to formally praise students whenever it is appropriate to do so.


Staff will be introducing ‘Pride in Progress’ to our students over the remainder of this term for implementation in September. To assist you and your child understand the new approach we have created a Parent/Carer Guide explaining how ‘Pride in Progress’ will operate. This can be downloaded here as can an introductory letter here. We have also developed a number of likely questions and answers you may find useful and of course if you wish to ask your own question there is an email link here.


Thank you for your ongoing support in continue to raise standards still further at Brixham College.


Yours sincerely,

Mark J Eager
Brixham College


TEL: 01803 858271

How will you keep me informed ?

We will be using the class charts software. This replaces Behaviourwatch, Show my Homework, Seating Planner and MyStickers. For parents and students it is accessed via an App or internet . You will be issued a password and login soon. You will be able to login into class Charts at any time of day to see the current behaviour and rewards position for your child. There is also an App for Android and apple devices.

What happens if I forget my class charts login?

Please contact the school – and we will issue a new one.

What is happening to rewards?

The merit system on classcharts makes it easier for staff to reward students. All staff will be able to give out rewards both for being a valuable member of our community and for work in class. As a parent you will be able to monitor the rewards your child is receiving. The student will also be able to purchase rewards from the rewards store using their merit points.

How do I get the new badges awarded by the Principal?

Each badge is worth a set number of merits. The Principal will be informed when a student reaches the number and will award the student a badge. There will be a bronze, silver and gold base. See the policy for the number needed.

What is the difference between community and class merits?

Merits in the community can be awarded by anyone for demonstrating the values of Brixham College. There are merits for representing the community eg band, sports etc and this merit will be worth 3 merits.


Merits in the class room are largely given out for attitude to learning much like you see on the reports.

What happens if my child forgets their homelearning?

The student will receive a formal warning for that lesson in line with our behaviour policy. This will be logged on classcharts and monitored by staff. Persistent warnings (2) for non completion of homelearning may result in sanctions and/ or meetings with parents/ students. You will be able to view your child’s homelearning via classcharts and whether it has been submitted.

What happens if my child is late to school?

The student will be given a red card detention for break. This will be logged on classcharts and monitored. Students must attend the detention.

What happens if my child is late due to traffic or other unavoidable reason?

If the student does not have a note from you or we receive a message then the student will receive a red card detention. This will be recorded in classcharts.

What happens if my child does not wear the correct uniform?

The student will be sent to the Pastoral office and issued a red card detention for either break 1or break 2. This will be recorded on classcharts. We will lend the student the appropriate uniform or issue the student with a uniform pass for the day. Please refer to the uniform policy online for details.

What happens if my child does not have the right school equipment?

The Tutor will check everything in the morning. If a student has forgotten a piece of equipment it will be recorded on classcharts and the student will be lent the equipment for the day to avoid further warnings.

What happens if my child has already had a warning in class then receives a second warning in class in the same lesson?

The student will be sent to the Pride In Progress (PIP) Room for the next 5 lessons. This enables us to reset the student and go through a reflective process. There is also opportunity for the student to have a say and may appeal the decision. The teacher who sent the student over to the PIP room will speak to the student and restore good relations. The teacher who refers a student to the PIP room will make contact home.

What happens if I think the sanction is unfair?

We welcome discussion with parents to support their child. We encourage you to make contact with the college if you think anything is unfair and we will listen.


Contact in the first instance.


If you have any other questions please email