More Able Students

Here at Brixham College we like to stretch our High Prior Attaining (HPA)  students in to becoming the best that they can be. All staff work tirelessly to ensure that our brightest lights have access to the latest teaching and learning techniques as well as many extra curricular activities.


Our aim at Brixham College is to ensure that all HPA students are challenged and supported to reach their potential.


Our objectives are to:

  • ensure that all HPA students, including disadvantaged HPA students, achieve ambitious destination outcomes.
  • provide a powerful curriculum that extends and enriches the learning experience of HPA students.
  • provide challenging teaching that stretches and inspires HPA students.
  • accurately assess and track the progress of HPA students so that focused interventions can be used where necessary to support progress.



The definition of our High Prior Attaining Students.

  • all year 8 and KS4 students who achieved an average mean score of 5 and above in both English and Maths at KS2
  • all Year 7 students who scored 106/120 or more from the KS2 scaled scores.
  • all KS5 students with an average GCSE point score of 48 and above
  • students within each Faculty who are ‘talented’ and may not be identified under the above criteria


(Photo above – Mathematics Challenge 2016, for Years 9 and 10.)

More Able Student Voice Questionaire Results January 2017

More Able Students Policy December 2016