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Our College – Our Vision – Our Strategy for Improvement

We are already a College that believes that a person’s potential is unlimited. Ability can be developed through application, dedication, perseverance, experience and resilience. We value the principles of comprehensive education and our role in creating and celebrating community.


We aspire to be a College in which all take active responsibility for their own lives and the lives of others in an ever changing world. (College Vision Statement)


Our ‘Brixham College 2020 Vision’ document  identifies where the College will be in 2020. We are proud to be an inclusive comprehensive school which has at its core a fundamental belief that intelligence is not fixed and an individual’s potential is not limited by their background, gender or ethnicity.  Our plans are founded on the views of those who form our community: students, parents, staff and governors.


Our core purpose is to provide engaging and exciting learning opportunities which enable all students to make outstanding progress resulting in exceptional student achievements academically, socially and emotionally. Alongside this we aim to develop a strong community within and beyond the College and will provide opportunities and experiences that support our students in doing so.


We aim to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and qualities that will enable them to become successful citizens of the future.


We are making consistent progress, but the 2017-18 College Improvement Plan specifically targets the areas that must move forward rapidly over the next year to increase the rate at which we are improving. It is a challenge our community is ready for and passionate about achieving for the sake of the young people in our care.


Our community is an aspirational one and our strategy is to become an outstanding College by focusing on what is important.


Our 5 priorities are to create:

  1. A College where students make better than expected progress and attainment is above targets.


“Meaning all students regardless of disadvantage, special educational need or innate ability make progress above that which is initially expected in all Key Stages, resulting in no gaps between defined groups of students.  This enables all students to progress successfully onto their next stage.  This is because students benefit from ‘quality first teaching’ and high levels of competency in both literacy and numeracy.”


  1. A College where attendance is excellent because lessons are exciting and the curriculum meets the needs of our young people meaning they want to come to College.


“Meaning students rarely miss a day from College because they value education and know it enables them to successfully progress to their next stage.  This is because students enjoy a relevant and appropriate curriculum and are challenged to make progress in each and every lesson.”


  1. A College where we are the first choice for Brixham and Torbay families, not just for academic success but because we care about every child, have in place strategies to meet their individual needs and ensure no-one is left behind.


“Meaning parents place the College first above others because they know their child will learn in an exciting, safe and supportive environment.  They know when difficulties arise whether academically, socially or emotionally, the support for their child will be timely, appropriate and comprehensive.”


  1. A College where young people demonstrate a good relationship with our wider community and are held up as ambassadors for Brixham and positive role models for others.


“Meaning all students demonstrate a high standard of behaviour and know how to behave in different settings.  Students understand the purpose and importance of British Values and demonstrate them on a daily basis.  They respect themselves, others, their environment and our community.”


  1. A College where the best teachers and support staff want to work. A College which is more than just a College, but a place where a broad range of enrichment activities and trips enable our young people to experience things that may have otherwise been inaccessible to them.


“Meaning all students regardless of disadvantage, special educational need or innate ability benefit from a broad range of enrichment activities, residentials and trips.  This enables relationships between staff and students to be exceptional meaning both can excel, resulting in highly motivated staff and students.”


We are confident our future achievements will be outstanding.



Mark J Eager



June 2017

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