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Our vision is founded on the views of those who form our community: students, parents, staff and trustees. In the summer of 2017 we carried out an exercise with our students and community to determine our values and define what it means to be part of Brixham College. We were delighted by what we found – a College that is a vibrant, friendly and supportive community where achievement, progress and creativity are celebrated and all feel they belong.





We are proud to be an inclusive comprehensive school which has at its core, a fundamental belief that intelligence is not fixed and an individual’s potential is not limited by their background, gender or ethnicity. A college where everyone can be part of our community.


Our core purpose is to provide engaging and exciting learning opportunities which enable all students to make outstanding progress resulting in exceptional student achievements academically. socially and emotionally. Alongside this, we aim to develop a strong community within and beyond the College and will provide opportunities and experiences that support our students in doing so.

We aim to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and qualities that will enable them to become successful citizens of the future.


We are making consistent progress and Ofsted recognised this in our latest Ofsted inspection in 2017 when the College inspection judged us as a “Good School”. We aim to move forward rapidly over the next year to increase the rate at which we are improving. I is a challenge our community is ready for and passionate about achieving for our young people.


Mark J Eager.

September 2018.

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