College Ethos Values

Our College – Our Vision – Our strategy for Improvement.

Our College – Our Vision – Our Strategy for Improvement

Our vision is founded on the views of those who form our community: students, parents, staff and governors.  In the summer term of 2017 we carried out an exercise with our students and community to determine our values and define what it means to be part of Brixham College.  We were delighted by what we found – a College that is a vibrant, friendly and supportive community where achievement, progress and creativity are celebrated and all feel they belong.

We are proud to be an inclusive comprehensive school which has at its core a fundamental belief that intelligence is not fixed and an individual’s potential is not limited by their background, gender or ethnicity.  A College where everyone can be part of our community.

Our core purpose is to provide engaging and exciting learning opportunities which enable all students to make outstanding progress resulting in exceptional student achievements academically, socially and emotionally. Alongside this we aim to develop a strong community within and beyond the College and will provide opportunities and experiences that support our students in doing so.

We aim to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and qualities that will enable them to become successful citizens of the future.

Our Vision:

To be a community that consistently achieves Success in Leaning and Success in Life for both our students and staff.

Our aims are to create:

  1. A College where students make better than expected progress and attainment is above targets.

“Meaning all students regardless of disadvantage, special educational need or innate ability make progress above that which is initially expected in all Key Stages, resulting in no gaps between defined groups of students.  This enables all students to progress successfully onto their next stage.  This is because students benefit from ambitious teaching and high levels of competency in both literacy and numeracy.”

  1. A College where attendance is excellent because lessons are exciting and the curriculum meets the needs of our young people so they want to come to College.

“Meaning students rarely miss a day from College because they value education and know it enables them to successfully progress to their next stage.  This is because students enjoy a relevant and appropriate curriculum and are challenged to make progress in each and every lesson.”

  1. A College where we are the first choice for Brixham and Torbay families, not just for academic success but because we care about every child, have in place strategies to meet their individual needs and ensure no-one is left behind.

“Meaning parents place the College first above others because they know their child will learn in an exciting, safe and supportive environment.  They know when difficulties arise whether academically, socially or emotionally, the support for their child will be timely, appropriate and comprehensive.”

  1. A College where young people demonstrate a good relationship with our wider community and are held up as ambassadors for Brixham and positive role models for others.

“Meaning all students demonstrate a high standard of behaviour and know how to behave in different settings.  Students understand the purpose and importance of British Values and demonstrate them on a daily basis.  They respect themselves, others, their environment and our community.”

  1. A College where the best teachers and support staff want to work. A College which is more than just a College, but a place where a broad range of enrichment activities and trips enable our young people to experience things that may have otherwise been inaccessible to them.

“Meaning all students regardless of disadvantage, special educational need or innate ability benefit from a broad range of enrichment activities, residentials and trips.  This enables relationships between staff and students to be exceptional so both can excel, resulting in highly motivated staff and students.

There is an understanding within our community that our students deserve excellence and this is delivered by teaching everyone better.  Teaching everyone better is underpinned by a core belief that excellence is best delivered when there is a shared view on what is important in our school. These shared values are the way we set standards for ourselves and assess our progress.

We value:

1: High expectations

We must expect the highest expectations, all the time. Every student is capable of extraordinary things. An individual’s potential is unlimited.  We constantly challenge students to do what they think they can’t, to persist, to work hard and to be at their best. From every adult we expect the same: that they are at their best, are determined and resilient and pass those expectations on to our students in all they do.

2: Knowledge

Our most important purpose is to teach our students the things required to free them to think and act independently while being positive citizens.  Mastery of language and fluent mathematical skills are the gateway to learning. We aim to prepare our students to make a success of their lives and advocate that success in learning leads to success in life.  Therefore, all students have a core entitlement to subject-based learning; the development of talents; an understanding of work and society.  Ambitious teaching is what gives access to difficult concepts and intellectual discovery. Knowledge is not static it includes the ability to critique, challenge the status quo, think and learn.

3: Character

Academic success and exam passes are very important, but there is more to a good education.  We aim to develop character, compassion and a belief in community. Students are expected to contribute to our community; to try things which they think they cannot do; to persist in the face of difficulty; to become resilient in overcoming obstacles; to manage themselves; to work independently on things which challenge them; to work with others and in teams; to be courageous and caring; to lead. We want our students to have enjoyed their time with us and recognise that school has inspired and challenged them, given them opportunity and prepared them for their future life.

4: Leadership

Our students are leaders of the future and should take advantage of structured opportunities to lead and taking responsibility for themselves and others. Every adult in the College is a leader. In every word, tone and gesture, they set direction and expectation. We expect every adult to take responsibility and the initiative to do what is right for our students. All in formal leadership positions create the climate in which others work. They demand the highest standards, build a performance culture, develop their teams and create the space for others to lead. All leaders listen, grow relationships, act with integrity and care and expect the best from themselves and others in building a happy, confident community.

5: Continuous Improvement

We constantly look for improvements, and implement them with pace. We look for ideas for improvement inside the College and out; we observe one another; we take good ideas with and look to make them better; we work together to improve. We always look at the evidence, and are rigorous in evaluating impact. We stop or change things which aren’t working; we improve things which are. We aim for high impact for low effort and low cost. We constantly look to have more impact for less cost and effort and to spend every pound wisely.