Important Changes to College Uniform – January 2019

This page is to inform you of the introduction of a standardised College skirt and trouser to our uniform from January 2019 for students in Year 8, 9 and 10.  For Year 11 students the change will be optional due to the limited time they have before they join the Sixth Form.


New Year 7 students will be wearing the standardised College skirt and trousers when they join the College in September 18.


The new trousers for boys and girls will come in a range of sizes and leg lengths to suit the varying needs of our students. The standardised skirt is available in two knee length styles, a straight or pleated design. They will all carry the College logo.


Normally skirts and trousers will retail at £10 however to help with this change the cost of items will be £5 for a limited time only until 1st September 18.


We hope the advance notice of this new requirement will enable you to plan your uniform purchases and many of you will take advantage of the introductory price.


Letter from The Principal concerning changes to College uniform.



Boys – Girls

Blue blazer with College badge. 

House tie (tied correctly).


A plain white shirt – a standard school shirt long or short sleeved with a normal (not soft) collar which can be buttoned to accept a tie.  Shirts must be long enough to be tucked into trousers or skirt.

Official Brixham College trousers with College logo.


Girls – Choice of two official Brixham College skirts with College logo (pleated or straight) or official Brixham College trousers with College logo.


Sensible black polished flat shoes (no trainers, Vans or leather trainers, high heels or boots).   No  logos and  laces must be black

Girls – tights should be black opaque or neutral. (Leggings are not permitted.) 


No extreme hair styles or colouring.  Judgement on hair will be made by the Principal or Vice Principal

One small stud piercing and one pair of studded ear piercings. (no hoops or rings).

Belts must be plain black without decoration.


PE Kit

Boys – Compulsory

S-Tec Vapor polo shirt

Reversible rugby shirt

Black unisex shorts

Black/white unisex socks


Girls – Compulsory

S-Tec Vapor polo shirt

S-Tec Pulse micro fleece

Black unisex shorts

Sports Leggings (no cotton or fashion leggings)


PE Kit (Optional)


College rugby shorts

College S-Tec Trinity track pants



College slim fit bootleg trousers or plain black track pants


Order forms are available on the here : Please return with payment to the cash office.


If you have any questions about the college uniform you can email us via: collegeuniform@brixhamcollege.co.uk

To order uniform over the summer break please send your requests to collegeuniform@brixhamcollege.co.uk and our meet will meet your requirements and answer your questions.

Uniform Code

The only acceptable footwear here at Brixham College is either black leather shoes with no logos OR black, logo free,  rubber toed plimsolls. Below are some examples of the type of shoes that are accepted.

Students at Brixham College are expected to wear correct uniform at all times while on College site or while representing the College off site and at events.


Between lessons or when leaving a classroom on an errand or toilet break, blazers must be worn.


During lessons, students may remove their blazers; however, ties may only be removed with permission of the Principal, usually in extreme weather conditions or for health and safety reasons while engaged in particular activities.


We are very keen that students wear their College uniform with pride and dignity, and welcome the support of parents in this matter.


Where students are in breach of the College Uniform Code, we will take appropriate action.


Applications can be made to the College for financial assistance by contacting the Student Support Office.

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