Improvement Plan 2013 – 2014 How Did We Do


Objective: To raise the attainment and accelerate the progress of learners.

We regularly tracked the progress of each student to make sure that they were meeting the ambitious targets that had been set with them. We intervened when students fell behind by giving extra support. We monitored the progress of different groups of students to make sure that all of them progressed at the same rate. As a result, 60% of students gained five or more good GCSEs. This was our best ever result, and it exceeded the national average.



Objective: To improve students’ attitudes to learning and behaviour in lessons and around the College.

We improved our systems for dealing with incidents of misbehaviour, and ensured that procedures were followed consistently. The behaviour of individual students was rigorously tracked, and alternative pathways were provided for those whose misconduct was persistent. As a result, the number incidents of poor behaviour decreased. The number of students excluded was significantly below the national average. There were some spectacular events to celebrate success.



Objective: To promote learning, progress and enjoyment for all students through outstanding teaching using appropriate and accurate assessment.

The quality of teaching is the key to ensuring that students learn rapidly and deeply. We focused the professional development of teachers on pedagogy so that learning challenges were raised. As a result, students have become more actively engaged in their learning, knowing how to improve, and are able to learn more independently. Over 80% of teaching is good or outstanding.



Objective: To monitor and analyse the impact of teaching, including literacy.

We have introduced systems to analyse and evaluate the performance of faculties in the College. The process has produced robust and accurate assessments of the quality of teaching and student outcomes. This has helped us to identify strengths and areas for development to plan for further improvements. We have identified and implemented programmes to improve reading levels, and have focused on improving the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students.


Objective: To narrow the gaps between the performance of different groups of students.

We have taken further steps to ensure that all students are able to do as well as they can, regardless of their ability, background or circumstances. This means that each student has the opportunity to make at least the progress they are expected to, and identified students have been given extra help to make sure they do. We have worked hard to make the attendance of students as high as it can be with great success. We have also improved our systems to guarantee the safety of all our students.


Objective: To support and improve the learning of students with special educational needs and to promote respect among students.

We have worked hard to help identified students overcome the barriers they may have to learning. This means that we have provided support for those who have learning, medical or emotional needs, or whose social circumstances are making it difficult for them to learn. We have developed new provisions to enable this to happen. We have also continued our work to keep all of our young people safe from bullying.


Objective: To improve the effectiveness of the governing body in challenging and supporting the school.

The College’s Governors have been working closely with the Senior Leadership Team in measuring performance and setting priorities for development.  They have set challenging targets for improvement, and monitored progress towards them. They have held College leaders to account for the impact of improvement plans and continue to do so.


Objective: To establish and develop a successful and effective sixth form.

Teachers and leaders have worked to ensure that all students reach their results targets. 77% of students gained a pass between grades A and E at AS level; 17% gained a pass at A or B. The UCAS target for the cohort was 5264 points, and the actual came very close at 5190.

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